The world we live in has the ability to cause upheaval on many different personal levels due to its complex, busy and ever-changing environments. Coping levels for individuals vary greatly from person to person, no one level is easier than the other.

During my initial working life as a Social Worker, I discovered counselling to be the area where I excelled and felt that this was the area where I could be of most benefit to those in need. Previously my family and I moved to the Middle East (ten years and now happily back in Australia) where the opportunity of time to study and explore more in-depth counselling led to a Master’s degree in Psychoanalysis. Working with people from all around the world, I was fascinated to witness the same problems facing individuals no matter what corner of the world they were from.

My counselling will provide insight into specific problems, changes in life adjustments and basically fostering wellbeing. My psychotherapy which is generally a longer-term therapy will help in this development of insight as well, however it also has the power to restructure a personality in order for ‘the unconscious to come into the conscious’.

My qualifications include: (all from Monash University with the exception of the Accredited Mental Health Social Worker which was obtained through the Australian Association of Social Workers)


Master’s Degree – Mental Health Sciences specialising in psychoanalysis
Bachelor of Social Work
Bachelor of Arts (major in sociology and minor in behavioural sciences)
Post Graduate Degree in Child psychoanalysis studies
Accredited Mental Health Social Worker


My areas of speciality being:
• Depression and other mood disorders
• Anxiety disorders
• Personality disorders
• Psychosis
• Suicidal thoughts
• Relationship problems
• Life crises
• Adjustment issues
• Trauma
• Family conflicts