Jacques Joubert is a neurologist who is  affiliated with the University of Melbourne, the Royal Melbourne Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital and Epworth Hospital and its affiliates. He migrated to Australia in 1994 from South Africa and has pursued a career in Melbourne  in private practice, with his main rooms located in  Epworth Hospital,  as well as having a lively interest in research, the latter dealing predominantly with risk factor management in stroke survivors. He has presented the research in international and national academic fora.

Professor Joubert has a strong interest in all aspects of neurology. However, he has several areas of particular interest.

  • The first of these areas is that of Headache, “fists and faints” and stroke prevention.  He trained in Houston Headache Centre in Texas under Professor Ninan Matthews as well as under Professor Ottar Sjaastad in Trondheim, Norway. In the field of Headache he has a national and international reputation, has presented research in international and national fora.Jacques Joubert was an invited professor at the Jefferson Headache Clinic. Professor Jouberts approach to headache management is based on international standards of excellence and focuses on a “ whole person” approach, assessing all the factors contributing to headaches. His method deals in a structured, layered manner with interventions that encompass dietary changes, building psychological resilience, addressing social factors and finally the use of medication. He employs the methods of in-patient management of severe, recurrent and chronic headaches as done in at the Houston Headache Clinic in Texas and the Jefferson Headache Clinic in Philadelphia.
  • The second are of interest is that of the elucidation of episodic loss of consciousness such as epilepsy and neuro-cardiogenic syncope.
  • The third area that Professor Joubert is passionate about is the management of risk factors for stroke  as a form of Translational Neurology,  working with general practitioners in the community to prevent stroke in persons who have had a transient ischaemic attack or a stroke.
  • In the elucidation of neuromuscular conditions Professor Joubert works closely with the Neurology departments at the Royal Melbourne and St Vincents Hospital.
  • Neurological admissions are to Epworth Hospital, Cliveden Hill Hospital, Freemasons Hospital and St Vincents Private Hospital.


Practice locations are; Blackburn Specialist Centre on alternate Thursdays (9428 6000),767 Hawthorn Road Brighton East on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (94286000), Wyndham Specialist Care Centre on Fridays (97410953). The main rooms are at 767 Hawthorn Road Brighton East ,the rooms being attended on Mondays (9am- 1pm) Tuesdays (9am to 6pm), Wednesdays from 9am to 5 pm. Queries need to be addressed to the main rooms (9428 6000).